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Is there an iPhone/iPad version of mJournal
Not yet. An iPhone / iPad version will be available later.

How does syncing work with mJournal
Move your document to the sync service folder .. thats all.
You can use the same document on multiple devices parallel.

What are snapshots for ?
With snapshots you can save your work.
You can return to this saved states at any time (some would call it backup)

Where are snapshots located ?
By default snapshots will be saved ~/Library/Containers/eu.micw.mac.mJournal/Data/Library/Application Support.
You can choose another location in the preferences panel

I have lost my document password, what can I do?
Nothing. If you lost the password there is no way to recover your document.

Is mJournal runnng on earlier version than Yosemite ?
No, sorry.

Can I navigate with Keyboard ?
Yes. Here the most important navigation keys:

CMD+Fgoto the search field, from here go with
TAB to the article table
CMD+Egoto the text
CMD+Ygoto article Table, navigate here with UP and DOWN
CMD+Wopen tag filter, navigate here with UP and DOWN
CMD+Kedit tags
ESCswitch between editor and article table
CMD+Dapply your default font
CMD+[1-8]apply your custom colors
CMD+OPT+[1-3]apply your custom fonts (f1, f2, f3)
CMD+OPT+[4-7]apply text alignment (left, center, right, justified)

Can I apply my favourite fonts without changing the text color?
Yes, SHIFT-click the font buttons from the format bar (f1, f2, f3 or D)